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Hi! You found me! I'm Leslie Perez, so great of you for stopping by Everyday Kosher! I'm a Montrealer and self-taught cook inspired by my Moroccan roots and an array of chefs, cookbooks, fellow bloggers and TV chefs. I started my food blog in 2012 as a young single-mom of two little girls with the aim of showing them the joys of Jewish and kosher living in Quebec and sharing my culinary creativity and passions.

As a young girl, I'd sit in my mom's kitchen on Friday afternoons removing coriander leaves from their stem and peeling garlic for her Moroccan fish mise-en-place. I remember sitting on a counter, watching my mom whip-up swiss meringue for one of my favorite birthday cakes, Le Paille, a traditional Mogadorian cake. Family dinners and sweet tables consisted of couscous, stuffed artichoke heads, bastillas, fried sole with chermoula, chebakia, briouts, ghriba, and mofleta... these are  the traditions and foods I want to hold on to.

6 years have passed since I first blogged, and I am in the midst of revamping my blog, taking it to new visions and heights. So stay tuned!
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My aim is to inspire appetizing modern Jewish and Sephardi cooking, unveil the joys, beauty and diversity of Montreal Jewish living while share the City's latest culinary trends, chefs, restaurants and cookbooks.
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{life lesson}
Giving is building. The more you give, the more you build! Who would have thought that the biggest wealth in life, is actually free? Check out a glimpse of my community TV show called Give Back Montreal, watch it on Bell Fibe TV1.

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design and update the blog, research, write, food styling and take food photos

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Rustic, Mediterranean... traditional and modern Sephardi cooking

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Welcome to my food haven, I invite you to sit back, explore pages of my blog and feel free to connect anytime.