Thursday, March 10, 2016


This noodle dish is close to home.

Lintria is the go-to Moroccan noodle dish to make. Made with egg noodles, Lintria is a staple side dish in my home growing up - it was one of my favorites as a kid. Every eve before Yom Kippour we would eat lintria soup served with chicken and potatoes.  The noodles are cooked in a clear chicken stock or bouillon, as my mom calls it. Tumeric is the key flavour accentuated along with chopped parsley. I've changed up my standard recipe by adding pareve butter flavor margarine. You can make this as weeknight side-dish with chicken or kefta.

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Prep Time: 5 minutes | Total Time: 20 minutes | Serves 4-6 |  Meat or Pareve (depending on chicken stock used)



7 oz of medium egg noodle
(found in the kosher aisle)

1 quart of chicken bouillon/ stock. or chicken soup mix diluted in 1 quart of boiled water (ensure it isn't a fatty stock)

Warm water added as needed by tbsp 

3/4 tsp of tumeric

1-2  tbsp of pareve buttery flavor margarine or "I Can't Believe it's not butter" OR substitute with oil

1/4 cup of chopped flat parsley you can substitute  1-2 tbsp of dry parsely

Kosher salt, to taste

1.  In a medium pot heat your chicken stock on medium heat. Toss in your egg noodles and allow the noodles to absorb the chicken stock 5 -6 minutes. Stay close to your noodles, they cook very fast, stir lightly throughout. Reduce the heat to low as  it gets softer. 

2.  Avoid overcooking the egg noodles or they will get mushy. Once the egg noodles are soft, pour the pasta in a  sieve.

3. On low heat, melt the margarine in the noodles, add the tumeric, the chopped parsley, and salt, as needed.

You want the pasta to feel silky. The tumeric, chicken stock, "buttery" and the parsley favours is truly delicous. Double the recipe to serve as a side dish for 10+ people.

To make a lighter version of this, don't add the butter.