Thursday, April 10, 2014

Westminister Gourmet's Matza Mille Feuille & Beyond

When I was a kid, my favorite Passover desserts were Montreal Kosher's raspberry or apricot jelly rolls. Decades later, I'm overwhelmed by IGA's selection of Passover delicacies. While the majority of Cote Saint-Luc's kosher bakeries will be closed during Passover, the latest one, Westminister Gourmet, located at 5458, av Westminster is serving up full-course kosher for Passover menus and stunning desserts - a convenient option for those who cleaned sooo much they just don't have the time to cook ;) .

An array of creamy & yummy  kosher for Passover desserts.

Opened a few years ago by Blossom by La Plaza Catering, Westminister Gourmet bakery & catering is offering chocolate espresso cakes, fruity mousses, almond coconut macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, marble cakes, Matza smores, and even cake pops ALL KOSHER FOR PASSOVER. Amid the selection I listed my favorite top 3:

1) LE MILLE FEUILLE made with matza



Westminister Gourmet
5458, av Westminster, CSL
Opened for Passover, including April 13, 14, 17, 18, 20

To place your order call 514-489-7111