Friday, February 7, 2014


Cheskies bakery on Bernard Avenue corner Parc Avenue

Although a minority of people keep kosher, there are certain culinary treasures that can be embraced by all Montrealers, and a perfect example is Cheskie, an Outremont heimish bakery founded by a Chassidish Belz family. Cheskie is a tiny ‘whole in a wall’ bakery that not only gained a reputation for its homey East European goodies, but is a perfect example of how mainstream culture can appreciate the foods of a small community that differs in clothing, beliefs and ways of life. Even Rima Elkouri, La Presse journalist, wrote about her experiences working at Cheskie. 

Cheskie bridges Montreal communities with Heimishe Food

The moment you walk in, the smell is divine
When I want to treat my daughters  to ‘foreign’ delicious baked goods, I take them on a bus ride to Outremont (oddly, public transport rides are fun for them), simply to tour Parc Avenue and stock up on delicacies as: rugelach, babkas, rum balls, cookies and an assortment of dairy puffed pastry.

So what can you find at Cheskies? 
Babkas, rugelach (vanilla, chocolate, cherry, cinnamon), cheese puffs, out-of-this-world cheese cakes, chocolate balls, cookies - lots of dairy-free ones to choose from and more!

Typical Friday line-ups

Cheskie's assortment of Heimishe delicacies including marble cheesecake and wafers.
My kids drool at the sight of these Cheskie cookies

A variety of challah rolls and Rye bread
From cheese puffs or custard filled doughnuts, these are yummy!

Rugelach:  is a Jewish pastry of Ashkenazic origin made in the form of a
crescent by rolling a triangle of dough around a filling

Chocolate Balls with a touch of Rum flavour
My sweethearts eating Cheskie cupcakes on the bus ride back home.
Nothing like enjoying the little & good things in life ;)