Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sweet September at La Maison Lavande

Taking a rest by the rows of lavender crops

There is something serene about driving on  a pathway in the midst of countless farms, especially on a sunny Sunday in September. I don't have superpowers, unless you consider a big heart powerful ;) but I have a feeling that Montreal is going to experience an amazingly mild winter this year.

Visiting farms with my daughters happens to be one of my biggest Quebec joys and this end of September, we lucked out on a gorgeous sunny afternoon, perfect for a visit to not 1, but 2 farms! I happened to drive by rang de la Fresnière street in St-Eustache where I crossed dozens of farms and attractions, some of which included: the Exotarium, stables, corn fields, cabane à sucre, an austriche farm and my two 'pit-stops' the Lavender farm La Maison Lavande and the Verger Magie de la Pomme  apple orchard.


Entrance to La Maison Lavande, opened from 10 AM to 5 PM

Lavender is one of my favorite aromas, it's simply soothing and delightful. I love placing a dry bouquet of it on my night table, spraying linens with the vaporizer, placing sachets of lavender potpourri in drawers or use lavender massage oils to relax. La Maison Lavande is a perfumery and farm that established a range product line of lotions, soaps, aromatherapy, sea salts; even all-natural household cleaning products and handmade lavender chocolates.   

My early afternoon visit made me realize the abundant things we can do with lavender, including baking cookies or making ganaches. The premises is charming, informative and peaceful. Many people prepared picnics eaten at tables while others can have a massage within the lavender field. Although the lavender crop was removed this time, it was still worth seeing. In case you cannot make the visit, you can order their products online as well at La Maison Lavande. Check these photos for a glimpse.

Seeing a little rustic country home, my daughters were reluctant to get out of the car, the incentive to draw them in was going to the washroom ;) it always works. The way to the massive field of lavender crops ended-up impressing them. In the boutique, my eldest daughter wanted to try all the hand creams, taste the chocolates (but they weren't kosher) and buy bouquets of lavender. I treated them with sachets of dry lavender that they sprinkled under their pillows that night.

Photo from La Maison Lavande

This farm offers a comprehensive line of lavender products from: bath salts, shower gels, hand creams, body wash, massage oils, lip balms and soaps.  Left photo from La Maison Lavande

So many Lavender options: dried bouquets, oils, lotions...

A little photoshoot at the farm  
Off we go to the apple orchard, goodbye La Maison Lavande!