Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Found Memories at Le Marché de L'Ouest

The market up-close

We often take the little things in life for granted. Things like places, faces, circumstances we see or experience. As a result of past trials, I've learned to embrace life as it happens, the good, and even the not so good, because somehow, everything happens for a reason. The Marché de L'Ouest was kinda like my neighborhood shouq, just slightly more organized, 'Americanized' and less crowded. 

Exploring the Marché de L'Ouest's fresh produce straight from the Quebec farm.

I''ll never forget those youthful days, the ones when I almost drove over a farmer's kiosk as my father was teaching me how to reverse park at the Marché de L'Ouest (OUCH!). Or better yet, the Fridays when I was an 8 year old (with long braided pig-tails) tagging along with my mom at the Marché de L'Ouest's Marché Pêche-Pêche fish market where I would stare right through the crab tank with complete disbelief at the notion that people actually ate the poor creatures.

Shopping with my chicas in the same market I used to shop with my mom. 
25 years later, I find myself bringing my daughters to one of my most nostalgic outdoor markets. It brings warmth to my heart, knowing such a place filled with childhood memories can be shared with loved ones, especially my children.

Remodeled since the 80's, Le Marché de L'Ouest is a quaint place to shop for fresh foods and especially seasonal flowers for your garden i.e. hydrangeas, hibiscus, roses, begonias...

This market is the perfect place for Rosh Hashanah shopping. 
In addition to the outdoor market, there are various kosher vendors and cute boutiques within the mall. These include:

Dozens (right beside the Dollarama entrance)
If you are looking for one of the best eyebrow threaders in town, I recommend you visiting my Israeli esthetician Anat, she has a knack for reshaping eyebrows.

Paradise Kosher
Indispensable if you're kosher in D.D.O, the first successful kosher bakery-deli-shawarma-catering store, called Paradise Kosher, opened up several years ago and sells all kinds of ready-made dishes, Meals from meat balls, Moroccan salmon, Chinese chicken, meat, cheeses, and baked goodies. When in D.D.O, my usual order consists of bourekas, baguettes and turkey colcuts. During the holidays, they also offer special menus

The take-out counter at Paradise Kosher deli at Marché de L'Ouest
Bulk Barn
Bulk Barn Foods Limited is considered Canada's largest bulk food retailer with stores located in every province. Established in 1982, Bulk Barn has over 200 stores. Their head office is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario." (Wikipedia) If you're a baker, or stocking up on Simcha Torah candies, Bulk Barn is the place to buy kosher candies in bulk. If you are not familiar with their concept, the store is filled with huge barrels of a massive variety of nuts, chocolates, candies... although not all are kosher, the kosher ones are specified on the labels.

Candy bins at Bulk Barn. 

My daughter and I posing for the camera :)

Let the good times begin! :)