Sunday, August 11, 2013

From Quebec to the World: Feel the Love

Bob Sinclair video
If you love Bob Sinclar than you'll love this post. I got to warn you though, what I am about to ask you to do may come off super cheesy, please keep in mind that I am simply trying to be cutely interactive, so bare with me because reader cooperation is crucial. ;) 

First, click here (wait for the commercials and bell to pass) “hear the song?…” come on, you have to play it :(. Now we’re talking! Next up, close your eyes and imagine you’re riding on highway 20 in a convertible white Jeep Wrangler on your way to Île Perrot. I can’t tell you where we’re going just yet, it’s a surprise for now. 

Practice shaking your hips.
Feel the sweet August breeze blow onto your face, oh oh, your green beret flew away but don’t let that stop you, keep driving. Feel the sun shining, clap your hands and shake your hips à la Marocaine, yes even seated. If you’re Moroccan your technique will come naturally, if you’re not, you might need some practice here (click to find out) or drink some Evian water, apparently it does wonders. Ensure, Bob Sinclar’s song is back on… and let loose, start screaming like never before “woohoo!!!” There you get it! Sing-a-long if you feel it, or yoddle (I personally don’t do that, but hey, it is your fantasy), do the Gangnam dance, drop it low, dance or fly, whatever stimulates your senses. Do you feel it now, do you feel the Love Generation? I hope you enjoyed the ride, take a right between the corn fields, another right between the wooden fence and we've finally arrived to destination, our favorite family ranch, Quebec’s Quinn farm.

Back to reality, Love Generation has got to be a favorite road trip song for my daughters and I. We can listen to it over and over, and over again… and that’s exactly what we did last week on our visit to Quinn farm. Because the apple orchard was off-limits until the weekend, what initially was to be our annual pre-Rosh Hashanah apple picking trip became our first ever blueberry picking experience.

A few times throughout the year I take my kids to this farm for apple, squash, pumpkin or strawberry picking. Picking your own produce makes unforgettable moments, there is a certain peace and awe in being surrounded by nature’s farms.

We went blueberry picking for the first time ever at Quinn farm in Île Perrot

We've just arrived to Quinn Farm a little later than expected.
 Siri's GPS got confused due to unexpected road work detours. 

Hand picked batch of corn at the front entrance.
Inside the barn bakery. Although these foods are non-kosher, we truly appreciate the atmosphere and aroma of baked apple or pumpkin pies.

Quinn Farm's field of berries.

One of the blueberry bushes we picked from.
Hand picked zucchinis at the Quinn Market
More fresh produce to choose from.
The selection of flavored honeys, inspirational for Rosh Hashanah!
What a beautiful baby!
The farmer's youngest son sitting under the hay slide.