Sunday, July 14, 2013

Disney is Out! A Birthday at the Food Bank a Hit

Who would have thought that a birthday at a food bank could be so much fun?
I am not sharing a recipe in this blog post, neither a cookbook review; instead I decided to focus on a food related cause. As a foodie, I am most adamant about helping those who lack the means to buy food and basic needs, hence I support our local kosher food bank MADA Center (

Like any mother, seeing our children grow, learn and explore is undoubtedly the best part of motherhood, the real deal, as I call it. One of the biggest miracles of my life is giving birth to my two daughters on the same day a year apart Irish Twins.
Unique and special as it is (and not quite sure how I beat the odds on this one lol), I gave birth in the same hospital  room (naturally), with the same doctor, on the same day and EXACTLY a year a part lol. With the challenging baby years behind me (phew!), as a single mom one of the most important aspects in raising my daughters is to teach them to give. Hence, I thought a 'giving back' birthday theme which didn't call for any princesses, spa day manicurist, inflatables or face painting; the birthday theme was about community and celebrating through giving. We invited all grade 1 and 2 girls to join us in making summer camp packages for underprivileged children. In teams of two, the girls filled bags with Dove body wash, wipes, Kleenex boxes, Twizzler's, mini boxes cereals, sunscreen, toothpaste, toothbrushes... L'Oreal Canada  donated LaRoche Posay Sunscreens along with Shampoo bottles, Loblaws provided kids toothpastes and Schreter's donated socks.
My adorable daughters, Miriam & Arielle, born on the same day a year apart. Birthday girl posing with friends.

Upon the guests arrival, each decorated their own floral-topped plastic jars, a craft project that also doubled-up as a loot bag (the plastic containers and sticky gems were from Dollarama and the flowers and rafia from Michael's. The birthday was a hit!

Although my younger daughter Arielle initially expressed how she wanted a 'normal' birthday, she ended up telling me: "mommy you were right, this was a very good idea, it was the best day of my life." ;)

Little guests decorating their loot bags. These jars doubled up as the perfect loot-bag.
MADA Center coordinator explains to the girls how the food bank helps the needy. With a little help from companies like Loblaws, L'Oreal Canada and others the bags were filled with amazing goodies.

Girls preparing packages.

A Kol Ha Kavod certificate was attached to each favor.

Me pictured with my daughters and some friends.